The piece of furniture is a chaise lounge, positioned at a sharp recline, inviting the viewer to gaze upwards towards the clouds. The base has been designed to exude a monolithic aesthetic, engaging in a visual dialogue with the ground surface of its surroundings. Its reflective surface mirrors the environment, adapting to any placement. The upper part evokes the imagery of a flying carpet, symbolizing the journey into profound narratives and the sensation of that fleeting moment before slumber takes over.

During the Konstfack master´s spring exhibition, the lounge is presented on a concrete floor. However, I envisioned its adaptability to other environments like a grassy field, where users can peer up at genuine clouds, or on a sandy beach or even a deserted gravel lot. Atop this monolithic foundation rests a delicate layer of synthetic grass, applied over a thinly cushioned insulating pad. This composition provides a firm yet slightly yielding surface. The reclined form, with its elevated foot end, bears resemblance to a dentist’s chair, gently compelling the user into a specific, comfortable, though not entirely optional, position. This subtly commanding display of care liberates the user from the burden of selecting a posture.