In the chimera G.O.A.T, the schematic digital triangulation meets the organic expressions of the animal. With how few surfaces and how little data can a horse’s horseship be read, a goats goatiness, a crow’s crowed essence?

G.O.A.T is a chimera built from the three spirit animals: the horse, the goat and the crow.

The horse is a source of power, endurance and the transformative journey towards freedom. The goat, in addition to its unimaginable sense of balance, stands for the Dionysian pleasure and temptations that give us allure, motivation and direction. The crow is chosen for its intelligence and its ability to use this intelligence for play, instead of man’s obsession with the useful.

How are we doing performing the act of the civilized man? Are we passing as humans at all?

Together, these power animals break out of the tailored jacket and G.O.A.T becomes a manifestation of strength and a reminder of what a human’s humanity really consists of.

With Carolina Bertilsson. Photos by Frallan. A part of Chimera Cyborg, curated by Karin Victorin.