The project Sway tries to add a sense of freedom of the kind that you feel in your whole body. The one that raises the hairs on your arms, and your braids too. It is about movement of mass, and of thought.

The project Sway is a playful intervention, and an invitation to inhabit the common. What does a swaying inhabitation of the common implicate? What difference are there in meaning depending on whether it is an urban common, a rural common, a park, or indoors that the intervention takes place?

In the pandemic aftermath there is a fatigue of the nuclear family as the smallest cell of capitalist society.

With the pandemic’s conditions for restrictive travel and sparse contact, as well as the growing economic gaps, we need to find new ways to take advantage of the places of recreation that are available around us. In this way, the work is a design project of democracy. Inspired by Victor Papanek’s Nomadic furniture, I will develop a series of hanging furniture, which invites you to inhabit a public place.