Artistic Reserch trip to SA

Group trip to South Africa with my international colleagues from The Octopus Programme. Ideation days with Season 9 for Center for the Less Good idea, and study trips to Nirox Sculpture Park and Pretoria. Mind blown by all the talented artists we have met during this trip. Hope that we can water these seeds for a continuation later on. The theme for the trip was Translations, but there was quite a bit of dreamwork being made too. 

Try Peace

I am a sucker for celebrations, anniversaries, and special days… This started out on The International Napping Day 14:th of March. A site investigation. An interference with the order. An intervention in the public sphere.
I started a tour of hanging my hammock in different parts of my environment. The most central spot of Stockholm City during lunch hour. Villa suburbs. The projects. Cozy yards, churches, demolition sites, warehouses.
I am looking for naps, so I try to figure out where they are possible to have. Can something as private as rest be done in the public? What are the limitations from inside of me, and what are they from the outside?

International Womens Day of Struggle

Welcome to the art installation Subversive Sleep Sessions. Today we are celebrating the struggle of our grandmothers and moms. Let’s dream up a more peaceful future for our daughters. Come by all ladies and rest your bones in my hammocks. Let me rock you, love you, and care for you a while.

The installation Subversive Sleep Sessions is at Katarina Bangata, Södermalm, Stockholm. The performative part is 11-16 and the installation will be up until midnight.

“This special day we treat ourselves with some extra rest and care. Rest to wake up and see what dreams we are sharing. The more we are sharing our dreams the more real they get!”